Shout! Radio Automation – Web-Based Radio Automation

Forget about Auto DJ...

Shout! Radio Automation is complete web-based station automation, not an "Auto DJ" but a complete radio automation platform. You no longer need to have a PC running 24/7/365 with expensive automation software using up your bandwidth - we host everything for you on the cloud. We include features like voice-tracking, clock-based hourly scheduling, event scheduler, live dashboard, and tons more

Simple, Yet Powerful

Shout! Radio Automation is created to be simple to use, designed for anyone to start their own station, and yet it includes all the tools and features to be powerful enough for radio professionals and aspiring professionals to have complete control over an entire network of stations.

Live365 Support

Shout! Radio Automation is not just just an "Auto DJ". It has advanced features such as Live365 support which is now available with qualifying packages. View the Pricing page for available packages.

Designed By Broadcasters

Shout! Radio Automation was designed by radio broadcasters not some large corporate entity. Truly a system designed by broadcasters for broadcasters.

Free Up Your Computer...

With Shout! Radio Automation there is no need to tie up your computer and internet connection. Just upload everything to our server and let it go!

Top FeaturesSee all features...

Station Dashboard

Your station's live dashboard will show the current song, song progress, past and upcoming songs and all the other content scheduled. It lets you insert new content and voice tracks into the live schedule. It also lets you start and stop the station, as well as view current listener stats.


Shout! Radio Automation does voice-tracking better than any other automation system. Voice tracking lets you or your DJ's pre-record shows, all from their web browser. All that's required is a quality microphone connected to a computer, Java (free download), and a web browser. Works with Linux, Mac's, and PC's.

Clock-based Daily Scheduling

Instead of just playing random music, Shout! Radio Automation features clock-based automation. Create an hour long clock with your content (IDs, jingles, music, etc), select the hours of the day this clock will be used, and schedule it into your station. Clock-based scheduling gives you complete control of what is played and when.

Full Ad Management - Built into our system!

If you've used SAM to broadcast your station you'll know that you have to pay $50-$150 per month for the plug-in to use their ad insertion system. With Shout Radio! Automation you have the ad management already built in! No hefty additional fees so you can truly make money with your station.


Keith Mohr - Indie Heaven Radio

"I am thrilled to have found Shout! Radio Automation. When looking around for a solution to produce my Indie Heaven Radio station. I researched all the options, and Shout Automation is the perfect resource that makes producing and managing my station easy, quick, and it works great! I'm already hearing from listeners how awesome the station sounds and how cool it is! Thanks to 977 Media team for all their efforts, providing me with excellent service and genuine personal interest in my station!"

AJ Sonnix

Shout Radio! Automation has made my life as a station owner much easier. The setup was seamless with no issues and their customer support team is absolutely amazing. SRA streaming is perfect, unlike other stream hosts where there are many issues and the online-based system is much more than just an Auto-DJ... It really has been a big help with the running of my stations. There are features I always wished for but could never have. I'm so glad I came across SRA.

Jayden Prince - Radio Domination Network

Can't say enough good things about Shout! Radio Automation, they have serviced several of our stations as well as many on our network for years and we get nothing but the highest level of service and support from Ruth and her staff. If you are involved in online broadcasting the folks at SRA have your back.”