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Solution Shout Radio Automation encompasses all areas of internet radio stations into a single web-based interface. With Shout Radio Automation you are able to view in real-time the past, current, and upcoming songs scheduled, current track progress, and listener statistics. Voicetracking is also included, and is simple to set up and easy use. Upload and import all your music, liners, spots, stingers, promos, and other station content into individual categories.

Scheduling the station is clock-based using your content categories. Create an hour long clock with your categories using the simple drop and drop interface, and Total Automation will do all the rest. All you want is a TOH liner? Not a problem. Want an extremely sophisticated 50 element hour long clock? It's easy. And don't worry, you can create and use as many clocks as the station needs. Also, settings like song and artist separation are available and completely configurable.

Audio archiving (also known as "logging") is also build into Total Automation. Tell it when to start recording and for how long, and forget about it until you need to look back through the archives. Or have them added to your Podcast page for immediate, hands-free, downloading.

Ever wanted to take listener requests but didn't have the resources available or couldn't get the programs to work right? Requests are built in to Total Automation with plenty of options to make them fit your station, including the ability to turn them off. They are easy for you to use, and add an extra bonus for your listeners.

Shout Radio Automation is about making your life easier and making your station sound more professional. We hope Shout Radio Automation fits these goals and your needs.
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