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Uploading Content Using FTP

Solution When starting a new station, uploading content to the station can take a while if uploading through a web browser. Shout Radio Automation has the option of uploading content with FTP instead. This allows you to upload literally hundreds a songs and other content one only one step.

To enable FTP access, click on the Setting link, scroll down to FTP Uploads, click Enable Uploads, and enter a password. Click Save Settings and an FTP account will be created with the selected username and password.

Now how does the uploaded content get placed into the correct categories? Simply! Browse to the Content page and click on Import From FTP link on the bottom-left side. All the content that was uploaded will be listen here. Select the category that each new file will be moved to, and click the Import Content link. Once they are imported, they will be removed from the list and from the FTP folder.
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