Shout! Radio Automation – Web-Based Radio Automation

List of Features

Main Features

  • Stream with the MP3 codec from 16kbps up to 320kbps, and ACC+ based on the package you select
  • Stream to your Shoutcast or Icecast server
  • Stream directly to up to 3 different Shoutcast or Icecast server *
  • Crossfading music – detailed options available to custom set Crossfade lengths In/Out, Start Next and bring in the Track at full volume, Fading the Previous Track length
  • NEW! Crossfade Control individual tracks (Standard Plan Required) **
  • Artist separation – limit how often songs from the same artist are played
  • Auto Normalize Content – automatically normalize the volume of all content -songs, IDs, jingles, etc- when they are added to the station
  • NEW! - Live DJ Support – System allows for automatic hand-off to live broadcast and back to Automation (Requires Standard Plan) **

Live Station Dashboard

  • Instant listeners status
  • Instant song status, including past, current, and next songs and content
  • Add and remove scheduled songs, content and voicetracks
  • NEW! Individual Track Reporting
  • Listener geography maps and charts
  • Listener graphs

Clock Based Daily Scheduling

  • Create an average one hour clock based on your content categories, advertising spots, and voice tracks
  • Schedule the clocks for the selected hours of the week
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Drop elements are available to ensure all clocks average 60 minutes
  • Unlimited number of clocks
  • Automatic daily scheduling

Content & Scheduling

  • Schedule your station one day or multiple days ahead
  • Edit schedules easily using the click and drag interface
  • Upload MP3s from your browser or via FTP
  • Easily preview content
  • Individually normalize content volume to keep sound levels in check.
  • Advanced content options:
    • Auto Download – Automatically refresh the content from a remote download. Perfect for news updates, sports updates, etc.
    • Auto Move – Have the content (or song) move to a different category automatically after so many days
    • Leading & Tailing – Have a certain song or category always scheduled before or after the song
    • New! Day Parts – Now you can set specific content to play at times like “Afternoon or “Morning Drive”. Content Can be set by either track or category.
  • Content Statistics – average plays, plays per month, year and total

Voice tracking

  • Easily record voice tracks using only a mic connected to the PC and a web browser
  • Schedule any amount of voice tracks, any time of the day
  • Uses Java and works with Linux, Macs, and Windows PCs

User Accounts & User Control

  • Create an unlimited amount of additional users to manage the station
  • Control your users access and when they can access and what they are allowed to access and change
  • Use accounts for DJs to control station automation and to record voice tracks

Listener Requests

  • Take song requests from your listeners via your web site
  • Complete control over how many requests are taken from listeners
  • Auto insert requests, approve requests manually, or disable all requests

Event Scheduling & Recording

  • Record to MP3 your station or any other Shoutcast station at any given time of the day.
  • Play a relay of other Shoutcast stations
  • start and stop the station at preset times
  • Automatically schedule replays of previously recorded shows
  • Use recordings for podcast, air-checks, or anything else


  • Manage advertising clients and campaigns
  • Upload spots and schedule them to play automatically
  • Limit campaigns and spots by date or by number of plays

Advanced Settings

  • Request Settings – enable or disable, select “requestable” categories, limit number of requests per hour and per listener
  • Monitor Additional Servers – monitor relay Shoutcast, Icecast, and Windows Media (via MPM) servers
  • Live365 Title Streaming & Support *
  • TuneIn API
  • Partner (For Royalty Tracking Payments)

Make Money With SRA

  • We have a complete built in ad management system to support your advertisers.
  • Optional Pop-Up Player **
  • Get Paid for Streaming Major Sponsor Ads on Your Station. (email us about this exciting new Feature to Monetize Your Station (Requires SCP500)*

Additional Add On’s

  • Mobile Streaming app to iPhone, Droid (Coming Soon!) ***
  • Complete Music Formats Fully Licensed **
  • Basic Station Imaging Packages **

* only available with select packages
** additional charges for this add-on
*** coming soon