Shout! Radio Automation – Web-Based Radio Automation

Shout! Radio Automation is the most advanced web-based radio automation system available. You no longer need to have a PC running 24/7/365 with expensive automation software using up your bandwidth – we host everything for you. Plus, SRA’s features will blow you away!

Shout! Radio Automation is unique. Because of it’s web-based management, new features and bug fixes can be added very quickly and unobtrusively. We are constantly listening to our customers and their recommendations and desires for SRA, and very frequently implementing them into Shout! Radio Automation.

We constantly take off-site backups and have N+1 redundancy with our servers. If there is ever any major hardware failure, network outage, or power outage, we will be able to quickly migrate your station to another server in a different location to keep your station on the air.

Be sure to view screenshots, and read through the feature list.