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Shout Radio Automation Version 2.1 Released

The year 2010 brings the release of version 2.1 with many new features for our Interent Radio family. “We are excited about the new features”, states Wes Simkins, Senior Support Specialist for Shout Radio Automation, “these features were requested by our customers and we answered”.

The new features include:

  • Live365 Integration.
  • Insert voicetracks straight from the dashboard.
  • FTP Import files and schedule them in your clocks.
  • New and improved stats.
  • Schedule your station to stop at a certain time and go live from your home studio, straight from the dashboard.

At Shout Radio Automation we are dedicated to superior Customer Support! We are the most comprehensive radio station automation program available on the Internet. We will continue to improve and expand our products. We are Broadcasters designing software for Broadcasters. What more can we say.

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